My lil princess :)

There sleeps my little princess..

Under the bosom of the willow,
And Uncle teddy as  her pillow..
There sleeps the little princess…

While the Royal birds sing u a song,
The Mild wind blows along..
Wen the trees rustle uncle teddy says “shhhhhh!”
And the bumble bees hurry past in a rush..

So calm..
That v can hear her breath, which itself s a song..
Sleep there my lil dear
Till the sun sets..
Till the star lits..
And Till the moon says u “hello!”

A faint smile curls around her tiny lips,
Probably in a dream along with her prince in the mountain tips..

The flowers admire her and say..
she s the sweetest among us
The butterflies marvel her and say..
she s the prettiest among us
The rabbits hop around in wonder and say..
She s the cutest among us

Wat ever u r my lil princess..
Wake up soon..
V have to walk the golden fields..
Swim over the ocean widths..
Scale the mountain heights..
And reach the sizzling moon with all its graze.. 🙂




  1. matheikal · January 3, 2014

    Beautiful. It has the rhythm of the lullabi.

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