Ghosts of the present

       Ghosts of the present.

                    Her clothes slid out smoothly over her waxed skin which was lightly tanned. She turned on the shower and stood under the steaming water wanting to get rid off that sticky sensation, admiring herself in the massive mirror which stood before her covering almost the whole opposite wall.

Her apartment was appealing in size but was exotically furnished with paintings emblazing nudity hanging around , thanks to her ‘heaven knows what number’ ex. No matter what , she always thanked those paintings for urging every man to linger by her bed side.

Her wardrobe had a new entry today, a white lace frock with a single red rose near the waist column and a pair of red gloves, a gift by a designer for her wonderful art the previous night. It was lying on her bed when a sudden wind blew fiercely and made the window pull down.

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself with a towel, which was now wrapped around her body. She didn’t notice the closed window but could not take her eyes off the white frock, which was now floating upright, intact in air.

“Holy crap”, blurted out Fiza with bewildered eyes. She stood there paralyzed. In a split second the frock flew across to the room, stopping just an inch before her. A chill went down her spine. The bole gloves clenched  her throat , chocking her breath. In an instant her hands reached the gloves to pull it back but before that the frock hurdled out of the room, pacing wildly.

Fiza stood there shivering and sweating  profusely. She fled to the door to get out of her apartment but the lock didn’t even budge to move. She wanted to shout for help but her throat was aching, allowing no sound to come out of it. She felt her head throbbing leaving it unable to think. She fought all the odds and moved towards the window.

‘Darkness’ was all she knew then. Poor Fiza didn’t notice that the power supply wire hanging on the window.

‘I am sorry’ said a hollow voice, which was once coarse and manly. ‘I betrayed you….. I know I will die tonight, but before that I confess… I loved u, Truly.’

Fiza slowly opened her eyes. Her head was throbbing ,still ,more intense now. In a flash she remembered the events that happened. She wanted rise up but her body was liking gravity. Forcing her legs , she arouse from the ground. Her foot was numb, in spite she felt chill. she slowly gazed down. To her horror she was now standing in a puddle of blood.” Where is the source?” she thought. She gently moved her hand and touched the back of  her head, and there it was.

“It is all my hallucination. My frock would be in the bed where I left it”, she consoled her mind. She dragged herself to her bedroom. Nothing. With sweat totally drenching her , she reluctantly moved towards the kitchen. And there it was.

Her white frock standing intact in air facing backwards. As if recognizing her arrival it turned towards her. Fiza could not take her eyes off the gloves which was now holding her kitchen knife.

With all her energy, she shouted, her voice box finally vibrating. She ran in full speed, toppling and throwing things at the approaching frock, which was now moving slowly, very slowly, enjoying the fear in her eyes. Fiza finally reached for the main door and tapped intensely, no help. She crawled behind her giant black couch praying stupidly that the frock should not find her. When she finally opened her eyes her frock was seated next to her. She moved her hand intently to push it away but the glove caught her hand, placed it gently on her lap and moved the index finger slot back and forth indicating, ‘Don’t try that again!’. A huge cry filled the whole apartment, the door swung open and Fiza ran out screaming like a mad women, leaving behind her frock and her body.

Everything is still alive in my memory, we both were walking together that rainy night, under an umbrella, hand in hand and we kissed for the very first time in two years, so mesmerizing like a melancholy. A week later,

“I Love You”. Silence.

“I don’t think I do.”

U walked away abruptly unable to make an eye contact. U were lying and I knew that. My heart was unable to bear the pain and tears started welling up my eyes. Days passed by and then came a letter,

 I am sorry. I betrayed you and now, I am suffering of guilt. I know I will die tonight, but before that I confess from the bottom of my heart that, I loved u, Truly.


                     So I came here, to take off your breath Fiza. I wanted to haunt you, I did. I wanted to make your scream of fear, I did. I wanted to taste your blood, I did. You, the materialistic, cheated him like every other guy. But he could not bear the ‘ugly truth’.

He choose you over me, I survived. He cradled you in his heart, I survived. He realized

the truth, he died, I died.

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