Never let me go…


I am standing in the middle of no where,

     lost, cut down, detached, alone.

I want to shout for help,

     but have no names to call.

I want to run for safety,

     but don’t find any place to hide.

I bleed, I cry, I starve. I beg,

     In all, it hurts.



I am rescued, 

                       taken care of.

I am happy, 

                   I am secured,

                                        I am protected.

I learn, 

           I play, 

                     I enjoy,

                                 I grow up.


One fine day, 

I wake up and they find me fully grown,

They send for me.

I believe, I am still secured.

I have faith, I am still secured.

I imagine. I am still secured.

I hallucinate, I am still secured.


I was wrong.

They grab out my eye for a gentleman, I go blind.

I stay.

They grab out my kidney for a millionaire, I go sick.

I stay.

They grab my leg out for a billionaire, I am lame.

I stay.

Finally they grab my heart out, I was not let to stay,

I die.


My end was such because I was an orphan.

Was that my fault?

Or is it that, people having done sins deserve a better end?

Where is humanity?

Where is pity?

When here is selfishness 

And here is MONEY!



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