Come along , Sing a song..

I pick my guitar,

     Strum a string,

See you coming far around…

I run down the land,

     and you grab my hand…

As we roam over the meadows, 

     And the hedgerows…

All I wanna say is that,

     Come along with me

     Sing a song with me…

     I wanna float in air,

     Only when you are up there…

We climb up mountains,

     As high as fountains…

We climb the trees,  

     Hear the bumble bees…

We float a river,

     In its cold we shiver…

We fight for victory,

     While eating strawberry…

When I lay in the bare lands,   

     You play with my hair strands…

Its then, when i wanna say,

     Come along with me,

     Sing a song with me…

I see the dawn touch,

     Behind the old church…

Its time to skate out,

     As the chirping fades out…

I stand as the cold wind blows,

     Seeing you vanish behind the billows…

As i walk by the arcade,

     I still feel the promise you made…

To come along with me,

     And sing a song with me…



  1. karanvirkour22 · December 22, 2013

    Write now singing song with you 🙂
    Nice post …. made me sing 🙂

    happy blogging 🙂

  2. Sara · December 8, 2015

    Reblogged this on The scintillator and commented:

    one of my first poems..close to my heart!

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