The smurf which wore lipstick.

Piya and me were high school  buddies. She was more like my soul sister than a friend. But we choose different streams in higher studies and got separated. We would always look forward to spend time together. Whenever there was a cultural event in her college, I used to attend. Once there was a comic fair and as usual, I went even as I knew nothing about comics. We both had lots of fun till noon but I didn’t attend a single event. I badly needed a participation certificate for on duty in my college. We approached the registration desk and registered for the very last event available- FACE PAINTING (which I had never tried before). And obviously Piya became my specimen. She was terrified with this whole idea but after a lot of pestering, she agreed. I was supposed to paint her face like a cartoon character. My craze for comics existed only till kindergarten and we were really confused about finalizing the character. We finally agreed with the girl smurf as it made my job easy to paint her face with the same color.

As the event started I painted the poor girl’s face in sky blue and her lips in blood red (I didn’t know that the girl smurf never wore lipstick). She was looking more like a devil than a smurf with uneven colors. As expected we lost in the very first round. She practically ran off to the wash area to remove the colors. Even after a lot of scrubbing, a blue tint was left in her face and the red paint in her lips gave an added advantage. She was screaming at me and I was laughing till tears welled up in my eyes. I still remember every one’s look at the wash area and how her friends were teasing her after the event.


An even more unexpected thing happened that day. Her long time crush proposed her, probably after seeing my wonderful make up on Piya. It was an unforgettable day loaded with lots of fun. Every time we recall this incident, I end up laughing at her and I even used to recommend my make up for her wedding . And this time, trust me, it would be better, as I am planning to turn her a smurf from top to toe.


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