My 40 minute bus journey…

My routine college bus journey…

The 40 minute bus journey…

I climb up the stairs,

Smile a good morning to my friends,

Fall backwards by the driver’s sudden break,

Scan for a vacant window seat,

And finally settle down.

With my ear plugs on,

And my favorite song,

Starts off my 40 minute bus journey…

Every face inside the bus is the same every day,

But every face outside changes day after day.

I see the little children,

Clinging to their mothers,

Waiting for their school bus.

I admire their tiny little features,

And the sweetness in the way they talk.

I always wish I could be a kid,

To make every one smile,

By my naughtiness, devoid of vile.

And as I dream about it,

Fleets off my 40 minute bus journey…

I see people run to catch their busses,

Not everyone is lucky,

More likely  related to our lives.

Even as many run behind success,

Only a few reach their desired destination…

As my thoughts wander over,

Floats off my 40 minute bus journey…

I see a lot of young and old couples,

Hand in hand taking a morning walk,

Chatting over petty shops,

Riding happily in bikes,

And there creeps a jealousy in me,

Where the very feel makes my lips curl,

Wondering over my stupidity.

As I laugh over it,

Jogs off my 40 minute bus journey…

When I see my long foregone friend in the road,

Or when I recognize the name of my loved somewhere,

My thought fleets away to those long forgotten days,

Dreaming about the happy moments that we had.

As my mind lingers over,

Flies  off my 40 minute bus journey…

And when it is a day of exam,

I often imagine wired things,

That my bus must break down,

Or probably must meet with an accident,

Or the driver must jump over a signal,

And get caught by the police.

As I dream crazy,

Hops off my 40 minute bus journey…

The only thing that I hate about my bus journey is,

When I am about to reach the college,

And my favorite song is half way.

I hope that my bus gets struck in a traffic jam,

Or Stops in a nearby signal,

Until the song ends.

As I move along with my song,

Dances off my 40 minute bus journey…

Many a times,

My mind would me so messed up,

A  lot of thoughts running through it,

Over taking the lyrics of my favorite song.

And it is true that,

Life is what happens to you,

When you are busy making plans about it!

As I get busy with my thoughts,

Rolls off my 40 minute bus journey…

And finally my journey comes to an end,

And I leave behind my window seat,

Wade good bye to my bus,

And make a promise to come back soon,

To resume back my 40 minute bus journey…

…Sara 🙂


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