Wanderlust by Danielle Steel – A book review.

Wanderlust was one among the finest books I have ever read. The whole time until I finished the book, my thoughts were totally greased towards it. It has an excellent pace which makes us travel with it.

All the chapters revolve around a single American girl named Audrey and her travel adventures. Her love towards her family is being highlighted in every chapter. During the very beginning of her adventure she meets James and Lady Violet, who then become her best friends. James and Lady Vi are portrayed as modern couple throwing parties for whole summer. Where in one of the parties Audrey meets Charles, who then turns out to be her soul mate. They discover their passion – to travel all around the world. Charles is introduced as a renounced writer who writes about this adventures in travelling. They both make a great pair throughout the story.

The first twist in the tale is when they travel to Istanbul. They accidentally notice an orphanage whose care takers-the nuns are beheaded. They kids over there suffer with none to take care. With the message that the new nuns would come only after a few months and Audrey having no heart to leave those kids in danger, would insist to stay in Istanbul and take care of them until the replaced nuns arrive. But Charles would not agree with this as he had contracts to complete. And there starts their separation. Audrey stays there for months together and gets acquainted with those kids very well. She attends the labor of a girl in that orphanage with the help and guidance of a General who sort shelter in their orphanage. The teenage girl’s suffering till the baby is born is described in a very emotional way. But finally the girl dies giving birth to a cute little Chino-Japanese baby Mau Li. Finally the day comes when the new nuns arrive at the orphanage and Audrey leaves to see her family. She decides to adopt Mau Li as her daughter and starts off from Istanbul.

In the mean time Charles gets married off to another girl, the daughter of his manager. Audrey comes to know about this and tries to heal her broken heart. She visits her friends James and Lady Vi for one of their parties, to which James visit along with his wife. Audrey finds Charles to be in a miserable position and unhappy about his marriage. Charles’s wife is described to be an adamant women.

How do Charles and Aurdey re-discover their love and join hands together for the most enthralling journey of life?- is answered in the rest of the book.

The descriptions of every character is being done with at most care. A very enjoyable book on the whole. And it is a must read for romantic and travel novel lovers πŸ™‚


  1. Naveen Piedy · January 19, 2014

    Very precise and I felt like I was reading the book back synopsis.
    A good one!

    • sarakriya · January 20, 2014

      thank u so much naveen πŸ™‚
      happy blogging πŸ™‚

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