From my heart…

I was that nerdish one in the class,

A silent girl who rarely spoke,

Confined to my own little group of friends,

Never getting  into any trouble,

Having a progress of all straight A’s,

Never partying late nights,

Rarely spotted with an opposite sex,

A known kid among teachers,

And hence not so popular among the other kids.

You were a cool hippie,

Who never shut his mouth,

Making friends anywhere and anytime,

Always running into quarrels and fights,

Partying all the time,

Known as a ‘Don’ among the other kids,

But still popular among teachers,

And always spotted with an opposite sex.

I still remember the first day we spoke,

You words were so tender and caring,

I knew it was improvised flirting.

Still I branded you ‘not so bad’.

We spoke almost every day from then,

Aimlessly chatting over petty issues.

The second day you were ‘nice’,

The third day you were ‘good’,

And the fourth day you became the ‘best’.

Everything happened so swiftly,

And now here I am stuck up with you.

I never had a slightest hint of falling for you,

Even in my scariest nightmares.

No matter how bad we fight,

How often we cry,

How long we laugh,

Every second that I spend with you,

Turns out to be a treasurable memory.

Loaded in with all these memories,

“I carry your heart,

I carry it in my heart.”




  1. Deepak Bansal · February 17, 2014

    Nice one! and really very simple 🙂

  2. Allwin Bright · March 18, 2014

    B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l…. 🙂

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