Snow in Chennai..

It was a beautiful evening and I was heartily gulping paani poori with my friend. I suddenly felt like some white color thing fell into my poori. I peeped in through the small whole of the poori and saw nothing. I was giving peculiar looks that my friend noticed.

‘What’s wrong?’ ,she asked.

‘Something fell into this.’ ,I responded.

‘Hmmm, never mind, I will take the next one.’

‘No way! That’s mine.’

I threw away the last piece and grabbed the next. We took a leisure walk after the snack, when I noticed that it was growing cold. I felt a sudden need for winter jackets and pullovers. I was planning to stroll along the Marina beach and invited my friend but she was rather busy. And hence I decided to trace my path alone, along those bubbling waters. All the way along it was growing colder and colder. And finally guess what? It was snowing.

I saw a lot of young kids enjoying the snow and playing in it. And of course a lot of angry mothers running behind them trying to pull their kids to safety. Finally I reached the Marina. As a chennaite I have visited every nook and cranny of the coast. But today something was queer. I wasn’t able to identify it unless I went a bit closer. And that queer thing was…NO TIDES!

Yes. The whole water in the sea was crystallized. I was awestruck and stood there paralyzed. When I went furthermore close, the real dismay stuck me. There were a lot of water bottles, polythene bags, sandals than frozen water in the sea. I wanted to throw up after seeing such polluted water and further more after realizing that I have played in these water once. I walked away with a sprang of guilt.

As I headed further, I heared someone calling me from behind. I turned around and saw an old florist with a confused look on her face.

‘What’s this white color thing falling from the sky?’ ,she asked me.

‘It’s snow paati(granny).’

‘Snow? What’s snow?’ ,she enquired.

‘Well, it’s other form of rain paati.’ ,I tried to explain.

‘Oh..can u help me distinguish between my jasmine and your snow? As I take jasmine in my hands it melts.’

‘Sure paati.’

I help her with her jasmine and take leave. I walk down the coast looking at crows searching for their food, pecking snow. Dogs burying their nose under the snow unable to bear the cold.

I wander aimlessly and suddenly see an astonishing sight. I run in wonder towards it and find a humpty number of ice statues all sculptured with a lot of detailing. I start clicking pictures of everything and in the process collide with a signage reading ‘MAHABALIPURAM’. Another reality Β hits my head when I finally realize that these are not ice sculptures but world heritage sculptures dating back to 3rd century C.E. I walk away with pride swelling my heart.

Suddenly I see a huge gathering. A lot of people surrounding something. I make my way towards it and peep into the center of the crowd and see a Swamiji sitting in the middle. I approached him and ask what’s all this crowd waiting and praying for. And he replied,’ My child, you are so innocent and ignorant of today’s happenings. Did you notice the evil thing falling from the sky? It’s not snow as the meterology fools you. The satans have invaded our heaven and they are burning it off. These white things are nothing but the ash remains of our heaven.’

‘Ash! But why is it white in color?’

‘It’s because our heaven is so pure. That much pure, and even its remains are white. Now join us with the prayer and pray for the gods!’

Tired with all these drama I walk away as fast as possible when someone calls for me.

‘Sara, wake up.’, the voice says.


‘You are late for college. Get up!’, the voice started yelling at me. And I woke up in my bed, in my room. I threw away my teddy and peeped through the window to see the sun shining in all its glory. And that voice belonged to my mom.

‘Gone nuts early this morning? What fantasy dream today?’


‘Wait, let me guess. The same prince from heaven?’

‘No mom. It was snow ,but positively not from heaven!’

‘Where were you? Boston? California?’


‘Huh..Hope we have a merry story waiting at the breakfast table.’

I smile away my mom’s comment. ‘A snow in Chennai’ may touch both ends of extremity but still I hope it would be a lot more fun πŸ™‚



  1. sudharsan · February 18, 2014

    Nice imagery πŸ™‚

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