A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks- a book review


Romantic book lovers can look out for this. I would rather say that this book has nothing in extraordinary until you reach the last two chapters. In almost many novels you can find a cool girl, hippie, popular in school falling for a nerdish boy or the other way around. The cool person’s friends,  who in turn would be cheerleaders or football players in senior team will tease both the boy and girl every time they run into each other in school. And the popular hippie would be so embarrassed to accept his/her secret crush until we reach the end of the story. And when they did accept their love, we can technically search for a line ‘They lived happily ever after.’

Well, I don’t mean to mock at any one. But still we can catch this stuff in many books. Not to mention that ‘A walk to remember’ is one among them , but the author really catches his score by the end. The book is a compelling narrative, revolving around the hero, Landon Carter. He is described as one of the richest kids in his school with his dad as a congressman. On the contrary, his girl friend, Jamie Sullivan, is introduced as a Baptist’s daughter. She is always spotted with a brown sweater and Bible in her hand.

Our hero is asking her for home coming dance, after he is left with no other girl as an option. She agrees but puts forward a condition that he will not fall in love with her. Strange isn’t it? The dance turns out to be fine and next it’s our heroine’s turn. She asks Carter to play the lead role in her father’s play. He first takes in this as a ridiculous idea but finally agrees. Here, the irony comes into place, as Jamie requests Carter to enact as there were practically only two boys in the class, and the other one would stammer.

And thus they turn out to be two people favoring each other but in turn favoring them. A series of events turn out positive and finally both of them fall in love. But Jamie doesn’t accept her love and tells him ‘I can’t love you’ sort of stuff. The reason is something I will leave floating in air for you to find out. But don’t curse me after you find out. It is something very common in many stories. Some many have hit the bait now.

But after this comes the real reason why I recommend this book. Carter feels terrible after knowing the secret that Jamie had kept from him and tires spending more time with her. All of it would have made Jamie happier but Carter always felt that something was missing and the strings weren’t really attached. He finally finds out what it is and from then you will have tears in your eyes till you reach the end.


Technical things to look out for:

The narrative style is really well rendered. Although a 57 year old narrates the story, his 17th year would be like a teenage guy speaking with you and you could give a fair guess of the author’s age too. A very free flow of verses here and there makes it even more realistic. I really fell for this book when the title was justified…’In every way, a walk to remember’. Yes it was a walk to remember for not only the characters and the author but also for everyone who had read it!

So go ahead and walk with it. Grab a copy from your friend just like I did ( I mention him because he has to give me the next book too) and go ahead and write your reviews however ridiculous it may be, just like mine. Happy reading 🙂



  1. Allwin Bright · March 18, 2014

    Have you watched the movie yet? It was the movie that inspired me to read the book. I am half way through. 🙂

    • sarakriya · March 18, 2014

      Yet to.But I still think nothing equals the feel of hard bound book in your hand 🙂
      I mostly loose interest in reading once i know the story..lazy me 😛

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