Mom is always right!

I always loved experimenting my hair with all new bunch of hair styles ,even when I was in my kinder garden. I remember myself wearing a snow princess dress almost every week end, with my whole hair loose except for a hair band tied with a big white rose, which was literally bigger than my whole head, then.


Back when I was in middle school, whenever I tried out a new hair style or a hair product my mom would end up giving me a whole day of advise. She would always insist me to oil my hair and plait it. Even now she complains that I don’t take proper care of my hair. Hence my over protective mom would always choose my shampoo, picking that I was too young to even read the label ,even when I was in my 5th grade.


Fortunate to have an elder sister, who had her own allowance and all the more, who chose a hair product on her own, I would always sneak around almost every single beauty product of her not to mention her shampoo.


Once I had a holiday and everyone else in my house had some stuff to finish off outside. My mom had a habit of telling me which dish was where, what needs to be heated, who will come for what and all stuff before leaving for office. She started her routine that day but I was too sleepy to listen to it. Too much annoyed she woke me up with her signature trick- turn off the air conditioner, open all the windows. With the sun directly glaring over my face I had to get off my bed. Sad, isn’t it?


To cool off my mom’s anger I started oiling my hair. Out of drowsiness, I oiled too much and my hair became literally pathetic. After wading bu-byes to everyone I decided to wash my hair. With my sister not around, I sneaked into her closet and grabbed a new tinted bottle.

Next second I was in the shower applying it all over my hair. But I hardly got any lather. I was afraid if I didn’t apply enough and started adding in more and more. Even then, no foam. I thought it was some new brand which had such tricky traits and washed the shampoo off.


By the time I was out of the shower my sister had come home. I didn’t actually notice because my thoughts were struck to this bizarre shampoo. I was lucky enough when she banged the door asking me to come out quickly. I carefully wrapped the bottle with some of my clothes and got off the bathroom. When she was about to enter she suddenly yelped. I thought she found out and froze for a single second. When I turned around, I saw her staring at the bathroom floor which was full of hair. Tears started welling my eyes seeing that very site.


I was whimpering, crying, wailing, weeping, when finally my sister came to comfort me.


‘That was nothing. May be the water was too salty or so hot that reacted with your hair in that way.’, she started consoling me.


‘No’, I blurted out.


‘Mom changed your shampoo?’




‘Then why was that? wait a minute…did you try out any other hair product?’


I looked sheepishly into her eyes and accepted my defeat.




‘And that was mine?’


I remained quiet, letting her know that it was a YES.


‘So what did you steal from my closet?’


‘Err..I didn’t steal .I just wanted to try it once .ummm..your shampoo.’


‘My shampoo?’, she asked confused.


‘Yeah. The pink tinted bottle one.’


‘Pink one?’, she almost uttered a cry.


I was scared if that one was her favorite or if it was costly and started crying again to prevent her from yelling at me. But that one question which she asked made me open my eyes wider (more out of confusion).


‘And you thought it was a shampoo?’


I stopped crying. A hundred possible answers flooded through my mind. May be it was a dye, what if it turned my hair blue? Mom would find out. I will not be able to step into school with that color in my head. What if it was some balding agent which would make me go bald? What if it was one of my sister’s experimental invention which she hadn’t tried yet? I must forget my head as a whole if that was true.


And the possibilities kept on piling up until she broke into an uncontrollable laughter. I was even more scared seeing her laugh that hard. I was completely annoyed and yelled at her,


‘What on earth do you find funny happening here?’


And she finally reveled,’ What made you think that was a shampoo? That was a conditioner which you are supposed to apply after washing your hair. Mom is always right! You don’t even have the patience to read the label Ms. lazy dasy.’


She kept on mocking at me as I sat there taking in everything that she said. I would never forget that fateful day in my whole life. And yes! Mom is always right!


And now I am using DOVE hair fall rescue. I must admit it works quite well, certainly better than whatever product was inside that pink bottle. The volume of my hair her increased noticeably.


Guess who must have suggested this product to me that works out well? Yes, certainly it’s my mom. And yes, mothers are always right 🙂


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This is my entry for the contest:’ Dove Go Play’. Cheers!

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