The perfect end.

She was nice to be with. A fun loving person. She was sitting in the plush green garden of her college today. Probably she must have bunked her classes. But she was a studious one. May be this was the first time she bunked. I went a bit more close, and she was weeping. Her gaze was lost somewhere beyond trace. I have never seen her like this before. I wanted to help her desperately and I knew I would. I knew all her miseries would end in a few minutes. I knew what made her this much withdrawn.

They were friends. From kindergarten. They were almost together every time without knowing they were together. Their bond was special. It often kept on changing from ‘just friends’ to ‘best friends’, ‘buddy’ to ‘enemy’  and so on. Bu until now they are not able to give a name to their relationship. Probably because it is complicated and beyond explanation.

When they were 8, I still remember the day when he played as Prince Charming and she as Cinderella. They enjoyed then and made others enjoy too. But late when they became 15, the same Prince charming and Cinderella in the prom aroused a different kind of feeling between them. I remember waiting for them when they took too much a time around the poach saying ‘good night’.

Then started their small tiffs which made both of them cry, fight, yell and finally become close. But today, it was something more. One would say that by looking into her face. But now she was not crying, probably because her eyes ran out of tears.

They usually ended up every fight with in a single day. But this one was really prolonged. I assume that whatever tiff they had, if they had taken time to sit and talk it out face to face, it would have vanished in no time at all. But today the situation was complicated.

‘Time’ usually does things to us that become untraceable. And that is more easily called growing up. This didn’t spare their lives, as the destiny guided them to different places. She was in Yale and he was in MIT. Half the way around the world. This was the reason why everything became complicated which never happened in the past 20 years.

And today was a special day, and I pray for miracles to happen.

She took a long breath. Turned her gaze around the corridor to look at a familiar figure.

‘I have gone mad!’, she cursed herself.

She looked again to see that figure walking towards her. Much confused, she rubbed her eyes to get a clear view. Yes, it was him. But nothing made sense. What was he doing there? She rapidly got up dusted off herself and stood there motionless. He came closer, and the same withdrawn eyes were visible to her. He was in the same state as her all these days.

They kept starring at each other not knowing what to talk. She cleared her throat and started something. Before it was even audible, he went down on his knees. Carrying a ring in his hand, he finally uttered those words, “Will you marry me?”.

 Her eyes were welled with tears. And she held out her hand, and he slowly slipped the ring over her tender finger.

As I sat there seeing Mr. Prince Charming and Ms. Cinderella finally giving a name to their long lived relationship, I felt someone brush my hair.

“My son exactly played it the way I did over a decade ago. Didn’t he dear?” ,Hushed a voice beside me.

“Well, I think I have become a bit too old to remember things that happened a decade ago.”, I teased.

“Oh then it’s an honor for me to recall it to you”, he mocked and went on his knees exactly as he did the first time. But back now, he is not able to get up without my hold, though.

That was my husband, down with age. But he was right! My son is exactly like him, in appearance as well in attitude. I know that the ‘bride to be’ will have a pleasant life as I had and am having now.

Our family traveled half the world to make the bride happy, now it’s your turn to “Go further to get closer“. 

We walked down the lane hand in hand, but with a lesser pace now. But I’d say the time with him now is more meaningful than it ever had. Cheers to life, cheers to love 🙂 


This post is my entry to the contest ‘Go further to get closer’ in connection with British Airways



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