Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks- A book review

I read this book just after reading ‘A walk to remember’. In case you missed out its review, here you go: . I liked the mood that both the books carried, which is more or less the same- romance and love. Both the books were filled with good emotions and mood swings though.

The story starts off with Adrienne Willis, the female lead, letting out her age old secret of having an affair with a surgeon named Paul Flanner. Adrienne is described as a caring mother, a lovable daughter  and a divorcee, who struggles to satisfy all her responsibilities. A friend of her, understanding her situation, invites her to look after her mansion at Rodanthe. Adrienne partially accepts the offer as she is in need of money to save her ailing father.

She starts out to Rodanthe and takes charge. The only potential customer for that whole long week would be Paul. They would  talk for long hours describing each other’s life pre and post divorce. The stormy weather along with the wine would cause a lot of mood swings in both of them. And both of them would ease each other’s trauma. But finally when it’s time for the reality to hit the ground, Paul would start off to Ecuador, to do an unfinished job, promising Adrienne that he would be back.

They stay in touch for a few months by letters. The last letter that arrives to Adrienne has the total climax in it. Go on and read the book to know the heart rending climax and the destiny of Adrienne and Paul.

No wonder it was made a movie 🙂


I guess this girl is Adrienne’s daughter 😛


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