The sands of time by Sidney Sheldon- A book review

Basically this story has a lot of main characters. So let me start off with Jamie Miro, a revolutionist among the Basque people, fighting for their liberty against the Spanish government. When he keeps on travelling to avoid the police, his troop runs into four nuns who have just escaped from their convent.

Now it time for story about the nuns…

Sisters Lucia, Megan, Teresa and Graciela have been living in a convent near Avila. The sisters in the convent devoted their entire life towards God. A lot of practices were mentioned, which they were supposed to follow, of which I felt many were wired. The nuns were not supposed to look into each other’s faces as they believed that looking at some one’s face would arouse a lot of thoughts like, why is this young girl living here in the convent? Hence any thought was even prevented from provoking. Also they were supposed to whip their hair as it grows. It was sort of spine-chilling when I read those.

Well now back to the story, the Spanish police would raid the impenetrable walls of the convent. To escape from being arrested and to save the gold cross, the only sacred specimen of the convent, the group of four nuns would escape the convent when they meet Jamie Miro. Jamie would decide to guide the nuns, partially because of the fear of getting caught if the nuns spill the beans about meeting him, to the police. They divide themselves into groups and travel in different directions to avoid the police.

The story of all the four nuns as well as Jamie Miro would follow suit. As always, our splendid story teller had done justice to every character.

A special mention about sister Lucia, a black sheep among the nuns, who would live in the convent just to escape the police. As the nuns travel in different directions with the troop of Jamie Miro, the fear in their mind, the arousal of their feelings and the final destiny of each nun and Jamie makes the rest of the story.

As usual, yet another sensational fiction by Sidney Sheldon. If you are fishing for a good book to hang out with, I would suggest ‘The sands of time’. It really does justice. Cheers! 🙂



  1. tigerspirit67 · November 2

    I have a question for you..

    Here: “the group of four nuns would elope the convent when they meet Jamie Miro”
    Could you please clarify what you mean by the nuns would “elope” the convent?

    Other than that, informative read 🙂

    • Sara · November 2

      Oops, you got me there. I’ve edited it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • tigerspirit67 · November 2

        Oh that was a typo? My bad, I’ll go back and reread 🙂

      • tigerspirit67 · November 2

        Ok, I see what you mean, makes more sense now, thanks heaps 🙂

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