It’s time to take bath kiddo!

‘Honey, time to take bath!’, said Saahi.

‘Uff..5 minutes mommy please.’ ,said our kiddo Diva.

‘5 minutes? please. Do try to talk like a 3 year old.’, teased Saahi.

‘Mom..why do I have to take bath daily?’

‘Because your are dirty right now.’

‘That’s not the dialogue, my darling mommy. It’s supposed to be, “You have germs in your body. It will cause infections.”‘, teased Diva’s dad as it was the standard dialog that every mum would say in disinfectant ads.

‘Oh really? Now daddy is going to help me with this.’, said Saahi.

‘Hello. I think my phone is ringing.’ ,tried to escape ranjith.

‘Dad, you can’t say hello even before you pick up your phone.’, giggled Diva.

‘That’s right. Now come here.’, said Saahi with a mocking smile.

‘But mommy, tiger and pooh don’t bath daily. Will they have germs in them too?’

‘Of course yes baby.’, said Saahi.

‘Then I will bring them too!’

‘Well no. Your mommy is always wrong. They will never have germs kiddo. They are super strong. They will kill all the germs that come near them. So they don’t need to take bath’, grinned his dad.

‘I am super strong too. I am going to help them kill the germs’ ,saying so the kid ran away.

‘Too smart? Now bring him here’, Saahi squinted her eyes and yelled at Ranjit.

Ranjit ran behind Diva and uprooted him with one hand. He carried the kid back to the bath tub in spite of Diva’s ooh oohs and aah aahs.

‘Mommyyyyy..still you didn’t tell me the reason. Why must I take bath?’

‘Mommy is going to tell Diva now.’ ,saying so, she poured water on him and he shrieked. ‘It’s because your friend Swati too takes bath every day.’

‘But mommy you only told that I must not break my toys like her! She is a bad girl mommy. I must not follow her.’

‘Exactly Divs. You are right! Don’t ever follow girls, be like me. Follow me. I take bath daily right?’ ,asked his father.

‘But daddy..’

‘ what?’ ,asked his dad.

‘Granny told you too were naughty when you were young and didn’t take bath. When I grow up big like you, I will take bath. Now leave meeee!’ ,screamed Diva.

‘No no..stay Diva please’ ,pleaded his mother.

‘Now, mommy will give you a better reason son. Wait’, said his father.

Saying so, both the father and son turned towards Saahi, who was blinking at both of them.

‘Well, another reason is that..Err ya..Didn’t you see Ananya taking bath that day. She was happy and playing in water. She is smaller than you are. So if you are a good boy, you have to take bath.’

‘Mommy! I don’t see girls taking bath. That is only bad.’

‘Oh my grown up son! You are right.’, cut off his father. ‘See, my son is just like me. Mommy is only bad. She bathes you. You are a boy. She mustn’t come inside our territory right son?’

‘But she is only mommy. She is not a girl, dad.’

‘What ? All mothers are girls.’

‘Mommy..Are you a girl?’

‘Oh god..please save me. Yes I am Diva. So from tomorrow your daddy will bathe you and not me. Is that ok?’

‘It’s okay only now mommy!’, said the kid.

‘But I have a lot of other works. I can’t do that’, tried to justify his father.

‘Oh daddy. You don’t do anything else other than reading your news paper.’

‘Well in that case, I don’t know how to bath him.’, said the father.

‘Don’t lie daddy. Last weekend you did bathe mummy. I am still smaller than her. You can do it.’

Both of their jaws dropped on hearing this.

P.S: Dear parents, please be aware of these little kuttichatans running around you. They are more potential than an atom bomb 😛



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  1. Khushboo · April 11, 2014

    Your little kuttichatan is damn smart. Loved her and your post. All the best for the contest dear 🙂

  2. sudharsan · May 5, 2014

    LOL :p Surely kuttichatan!!

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