Today’s jargon among computer techies is this term – ‘Cloud Computing’. Well, I remember mocking at my teacher when she taught us about functional dependencies. Potatoes and salt making potato fry is a full functional dependency as both are vital for a potato fry. Whereas, water and a fruit mix making a drink is partial functional dependent as water alone can even be a drink. While these helped us survive in Data Base Management System classes, I was thinking about a way to spare my readers from getting confused about basic cloud computing.

Let me again go back to eatables so that it remains interesting. Imagine that we are baking a cake and we have only the bowl. We borrow eggs from one neighbor and flour from another neighbor and finally bake our cake. Similarly, if there exists a system and data alone, the software and other hardware can be obtained from cloud platforms.


Basically, cloud computing already existed as two different terms, grid computing and utility computing. Grid computing helps connectivity of the neighborhood through a common goal and utility computing introduced the concept of sharing resources, be it hardware or software.

Many of us would have used a cloud service like a web based e-mail service like gmail or yahoo without noticing it. The major services that a cloud can provide can be divided as, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Software as a service (SaaS). A system connected with cloud, can share these services with other computers in the network with the help of internet.

Further the major classifications in cloud are private and public cloud. Private cloud is devoted for a sole organization whereas public cloud is an open to all resource. Security reasons lead to this evolution in cloud.

Why cloud computing?

  • The sharing of hardware devices cuts down the cost efficiently.
  • Information can be accessed anywhere , anytime.
  • Software purchase can be significantly reduced.
  • The idle time of each computer can be used effectively.
  • Data storage in cloud causes redundancy but still, has sufficient back up for retrieval of data.

Why Microsoft Azure ?

This is a clouding platform and infrastructure from microsoft which provides a variety of features like deployment , development and testing, storage etc. Mircosoft azure has been proved to be flexible and scalable. It is also secure to use in any environment. As we await a formal SaaS facility to be introduced in azure, let us give it a try while working with cloud.

Visit windows azure here :


  1. Arvind Passey (@arvindpassey) · April 19, 2014

    The examples in the first two paragraphs were brilliant… liked the post.

    Arvind Passey

    • sarakriya · April 21, 2014

      thank you so much arvind πŸ™‚
      glad πŸ™‚

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