He is the best!

She eyed me playfully when she asked.

‘So, what did you like in him?’

I wanted to reply, but I said,

‘I don’t know!’

That night, as I lay there in my bed,

I thought ,’Well,what did I like in him?’

I like his hair. Yes,his hair!

That always stood straight erect,

and would never come down.

I like his eyes. Yes,his eyes!

That like a magnet, would attract,

no matter where you are.

I like his smile. Yes,his smile!

That like a spell, would mesmerize,

no matter how angry you are.

I like his nose. Yes, his nose!

And the way his lips curve,

whenever I pinch them.

I like his mouth. Yes,his mouth!

That would talk non-stop,

even when there is nothing.

I like his hand. Yes,his hand!

That has a bruise all along,

and a long lost memory.

I like his walk. Yes,his walk!

That goes like,

tickery tickery tock.

I like his shoulders. Yes,his shoulders!

Upon which, I wish I can rest,

for the rest of my life.

But, I like him as a whole,

Because he is the best!


….Sara 🙂






  1. iamginamarie · June 16, 2014

    Thanks for the like, I have enjoyed my little tour around your blog.

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