Will you marry me?

He was hiding a box,

A white box behind his back,

With his manly fingers wrapped over it.


Pity him,

He was bad at hiding things,

Especially from me,

Be it a box or his big heart!


He gave me a nervous smile,

And opened the box,

To unveil a sparkling metal,

Still less sparkling than his face.

And encrusted with a shiny stone.


My heart skipped a beat,

And I went weak with my knees,

When he uttered those words,

‘Will you marry me?’

Which would always rumble in my heart! 


P.S: Wrote this poem while reading for semester exams.

       Somehow this seems more interesting than computer organisation 😛



Photo Courtesy : google images 

Yummy muffins..Cool idea isin’t it? 😛




  1. sabeeha · May 31, 2014

    Haha I get you! :p I write all the more while studying. I dont know how it works but it does! 😀

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