The fluttery-fluttery butterfly..

A fluttery fluttery butterfly,

Flying up in the sky,

Spiraled down to me,

As I was awestruck with glee,

And said,

‘Oh my dear little human,

I have a very short life span.

But even after I die,

I want all of you to remember this fly.

What must i do,

So as to impress you?’


My lips curled,

As the butterfly whirled.

And I said,

‘Oh fluttery fluttery butterfly,

You already did,

Before you hid.

By leaving on me your beautiful colors,

Which is worth a million dollars.’


Circled the butterfly,

Up and down in the sky.

Out of enormous joy,

And played like a toy.

‘Oh wow! I did?’

Cooed the butterfly as it said,

‘So what did you do,

for the world to remember you?’


Now that I understood,

It was not just another fly,

But a clever little spy.

Who woke me up without any alarm,

And drove me out of my fantasy dream.

Wanting the lazy me,

To work like a bee.

…Sara 🙂


P.S: Ekphrastic poetry. And the picture which inspired me is,





  1. payal · May 31, 2014

    Nyc one…. 🙂 🙂

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