The little blue car.

My wedding was a fairy tale. It happened after a long battle with my parents, to convince them with a guy, whom I selected for myself. The everyday drama which happens in an Indian family when you break out ‘the news’ occurred in my mine too, without any loss for entertainment. And finally, the day came when they uttered those three precious letters ‘YES’.

But this didn’t deter the spirits of our parents as they arranged for our wedding without any compromise in anything. It was a grand carnival where the ‘in focus’ Cinderella and Prince Charming were both of us. Well, even if I am nowhere near Cinderella, he is always my Prince Charming!

After the big day, my in-laws presented us a chic gift, honeymoon tickets to Langkawi. Langkawi is an island in the Andaman sea. We were much thrilled from the very beginning planning for our adventure. And finally we reached the island on a sunny afternoon.

We checked-in the resort and wandered around. When had no idea of touring with a guide. Hence, by the advice of the hotel staff we planned to hire a car.

The rental car outlet was not far away from the hotel. An old man invited us with a welcoming smile at the counter. When we stated enquiring about the rent, he started off with the history of his shop. And to mention that, his English was near to horrible.

But still we couldn’t cut him short as a matter of politeness. And the worst part was that we couldn’t laugh at his face even when we were tempted to the core. He wanted us to go for his historic model of BMW. We tried to deny. When he was trying to convince us with his bumpy and heavy slang of English he said,

“It will be your best honeymoon ever. I believe that she is your first beautiful wife. And you too have the best husband you ever had. You beautiful couple deserve only the best.”

Followed by many ‘have ever’ and ‘had ever’ and so on. This couldn’t help us from keeping our mouth shut. He stated giggling and I followed , then he stopped but I couldn’t. Laughter is really a communicable disease!

We managed to make him understand that a small car would do. And with a grim face, he handed over the keys of a small blue car. But he still managed to give us its history and promised us that it would fly smoother than the airplane in which we landed. The car was kind of cute by appearance and I enjoyed the look of it. We had to sign in a bond that , in case of any damage we were subjected to pay a huge sum of money. We didn’t carry even half the sum of it, but still risked in signing the bond.

It was nearly evening and we decided to go to the beach for that day. The car didn’t have GPRS. We were given a map using which we had to find our own way. We would have moved a couple of kilometers and the engine died. I knew nothing about cars and started panicking. My Prince asked me to relax and went about with some magic on the engine which finally started working.

We went shopping here a bit, there a bit and I managed to fill the car’s trunk. I loved the sea coast and desperately wanted to go to the beach. My Prince was happy to take me anywhere, provided I didn’t empty his wallet.

We started towards the beach and mid-way, our blue companion took rest again. This time, no spell or magic by both of us worked with the car. There was no one to ask help too. I stated pushing the car and still it didn’t work. Tired of trying, we planned of parking the car somewhere and walking to the beach. We tried to lock it off and suddenly the lock broke.

He started laughing, then I did and finally we were laughing like nuts. I still wonder why we laughed that hard in the middle of the road when our car was not working and it won’t even lock. Still, that’s what we did. He laughed till he got tears in his eyes and me, till I got a stomach ache.

That night, we slept on top of the hood of our little blue car, as my head rested on his chest, hand in hand, counting the far and distant stars together. My heart was calm and composed in his bosom. None of us were thinking about the problems that laid ahead in front of us. We were just enjoying that very moment of our life.

I wonder if that sky and that blanket of stars and that blue car will come again in my life. But all I know for sure is that he will always stand beside me even in a horrible situation . That very day, we learnt a lot about ourselves, that we didn’t know in the seven years of love life. And all the more, we experienced life !

This is my entry for , a contest by Indiblogger.

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