Download food!

My mobile (jerry, as I call it) has always been my very best buddy. I can even stay without checking out my hair-do, but not my mobile. That is a kind of addiction, but still a friendly addiction I would say (escapism). If such a cool friend can have some super powers, then I would have the best mobile in the entire world!

Now apart from my mobile, the other thing that I love the most is FOOD! Well, can anyone in the world be without loving food? If you do, you miss some huge fun in life.

So if I could give a super power to my phone, I would make it ‘download food!’ Yea, you read that right. I must be able to download all those mouth-watering, delicious food on the web. And of course, at free of cost!

I would taste every dish, that is prepared at every nook and cranny of the world. I would treat all my friends with all those splendid dishes. And all the more, my mom can no more complain about cooking every day!

Well poor you. You may envy at me then. I don’t like people getting jealous at me. So out of kind heartedness I grant the same super power to all your mobiles too! Enjoy!

Now, this may lead to many other problems. If given to children, they may eat more and become obese. So I would give a limit, only up to which one can download food.

Now what all golden  good effects can it have?

It will lessen the poor people being starved. Every single person can have a hearty meal when they are hungry. All those small kids having only one meal a day, can have hygienic and healthy meal. After all, all this rat race happening around the world is for this very food.

But many bad effects may follow..

As every path has it’s puddle, this is of no exception. People may become lazy, we already are, still, people may refuse to shell out money or go to work. This may lead to a number of problems.

Still, even imagining such a thing as downloading food, will bring a smile to our face (at least a mocking smile). That fun is what keeps us moving on!



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