The sweaty!

It was just another day as a home maker. The routine household chores never reduced, but kept on adding. That morning passed too quickly and it was almost noon then. I was hungry and decided to grab a snack when my phone buzzed. The call was from a long forgotten friend.

It was a real surprise for both of us. We stated our little chat which almost extended for half an hour. She said she was working for a multi-national company. She was not married yet and was living alone. I invited her over for lunch some day, when she started off with her work pressures. Finally we had to cut the call as she had some pending work for that day.

As I had put down the phone, I was thinking about my life. What I had done to it and where I was placed now. She had been my college mate who was not so good with studies. And I was the absolute contrast to her in studies as well as other jobs.

But right now, I am governing my home and nothing else but, she is working for an MNC. I didn’t know what happened in our lives these five years which changed both our lives totally opposite.

Of course, I had no one to blame at, as I was solely responsible for all the decisions that I took in my life. But I started thinking if I had stepped down in my life.

With all these thoughts ringing inside my head, I was not able to have my lunch. I wanted a nice long sleep. But I had things to do. I pushed everything aside and went to bed. But still, I was not able to sleep.

I closed my eyes when I heard someone calling my name. Some voice which was highly recognizable was calling my name with a very own charm. A soft kiss awakened me. And that was my husband with a cup of tea in his hand.

‘Are you all right? You have been sleeping for a good long time.’

‘Oh I am sorry. When did you come home? What’s the time?’

‘Well, its past 7.00 pm.’

‘Oh my god! Why didn’t you wake me up? I had to prepare dinner! It’s late!’

‘Relax. Here, have some tea. I made your favorite poori and aalu tonight.’

He flashed his wholesome smile across his face which made me go weak with knees. I smiled with a little shyness and patted the bed asking him to sit next to me. He sat down as I gave his a small hug.

‘You didn’t shower, did you?’ , I asked.

‘Err…you know I was cooking. I will shower now. I know I stink!’ , said he with an uneasy smile.

‘Well don’t. You smell at your best only this way and this is the very thing I love in the entire world! I pray god to let my life be this way, and I am really happy with it.’


I know that it is quite a ridicules story to write for a fragrance company sponsored contest. And I can never ask you to make a product that would stink. But still, the sweaty morning hours of your mom and the sweaty evening shirt of your man will remain special to you, always!

Indeed, you can still add romance to your nights with this product!



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