Let ideas compete, not people.


Ideas can be highly smart or totally ridicules, it can be given kudos with excitement or claps with mockery. Ideas occur to any one and every one. It can be old, new, copied, modified. But only those ideas which are exposed and spread out are being known to people.

I was at some place the other week where we were supposed to discuss about ethical hacking. We happened to have a cool lead, who started the topic with an absolutely irrelative example- HEN. Now if u have the same doubt as me- How hens are related with hacking?, hold on and wait.

He first asked us to describe about the hen, and disclosed how much he liked chicken biryani. Then came the question, “Why the egg of a hen is oval?”

We started starting at him. I even checked my surroundings once again to ensure if it was really a session on hacking. Most of us answered something relevant to his question, but he was not convinced. He said that he wanted the exact answer but not assumptions.

My mind refused to think more because it was the so called Universal Fact, that eggs are oval in shape. I never believed that there was really a reason behind it.

After a lot of if’s and buts’ he finally said his version of the answer, “Initially when the hen lays the egg, it would be round. But once the hen sits on its eggs, they turn oval due to the weight of the hen!”

There can never be a better example for ridicules ideas. Finally he ended up saying, unless you think different and out of the box, you can never become a hacker. Now this made sense to some of us though.

What happens when people compete?

When ideas compete, the best ideas prevail. But when people compete there follows ego, payola and all such stuff. A person who may look stupid in appearance can have his brains working like Newton. No one knows what is present behind the veil. As rightly said, “Appearances are deceptive.”

The completion among people can merely me healthy because we are after all humans. And our brains are all the same.

A crazy idea which made the person famous..

The 18th century American scientist and politician Benjamin Franklin tried an experiment to prove that lightening was due to electric charges. He flew a silk kite during a thunderstorm, which had a key attached to it on the other end.

He could have literally tried to kill him during this experiment. But today,  The United States of America carry his name in its 100 dollar bill. He is remembered even after his demise.

But the interesting part is, no one ever saw him performing the experiment. Still it is believed!


A healthy competition prevails only when ideas compete and not people. Keep thinking and always open up your mind for different ideas. Preserve your selfie for your tomorrow’s 100 Rupee bill!

P.S : This was my entry for a ‘not so worth mentioning’ website, which selected me as a runner up but did not publish my entry. If they really didn’t want people to compete, they wouldn’t have published winner’s too!

Do use your brains before you think about the topic!


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