The new era of banking.

The banks were first used only by the business class people, specifically goldsmiths. They wanted to pool up their money and keep track of their expenditures for which they built up these structures. These were the earliest form of pooling money and gold.

But today 9 on 10 people hold a bank account. The bank industry keeps on updating itself according to the change in technology. Be it an ATM machine or introduction of internet banking.

If you rewind a ten year period, many hollywood , bollywood, tollywood, ‘no-matter-what-wood’, movies had the main hero as a robber who would rob a highly secured bank with all his techniques. This became a hot spot of cinema.

We would always watch these films. Wonder at the hero’s tricks but finally end up in depositing your money in the bank. Because we believe it would remain safe.

Earlier, one had to wait till he turned 18 years to open an account. But the banks introduced children’s account to attract younger generation towards them. They started the issue of ATM cards to enable the user to access money from anywhere he wants.

And now, a step further, they have introduced internet banking where you can keep track of every single bill.

A few months back I had to file a complaint to the manager of a bank due to short credit of my money. But it was not rectified till now. But internet banking will prove effective in these cases.

I had planned to try of jifi. What about you?

This is my entry to indiblogger for the contest held by kotak jifi.



  1. gangsofedathua · August 5, 2014

    Good Post ! But you could have built on the robbery thing further ! Anyway, All the best for the contest !!

    • sarakriya · August 7, 2014

      thank you 🙂 happy blogging 🙂

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