Just try it out!

I happened to be at some place today. It was an oratorical contest where a lot of potential contestants participated. Usually, in every contest you can pin point people who don’t perform well. But this was an exception where I felt everyone had a good potential.

On to the point right now, as I saw the results and I was not selected, there was a prang of disappointment in me. But to be truthful, not too much. As I would say, the people who won did way better than me.

So, at the end of the day, what was my gain? I gained experience. And picked up quite a few friends. And all the more, I had a hand full of friends wishing luck in the morning, and the same friends trying to console me out right now!

After all, life is all about being there and doing it right then!

So try out everything that comes your way and bang on with your life!



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