Passion matters, not the place.

On every walk of our life, we meet wonderful people who give us wonderful memories to cherish. Today, may be, was such a day. Every person has a different story. The story of his/her own life. And some of it will be interesting, some are too much a story *if you know what I mean* and some well up your eyes with tears. What every be the story, the person had lived it through.

I was quite disturbed by one’s story, who had tired going in to IIT twice and have failed with it. I would not say he failed, but luck didn’t favor his efforts. He had quite a good family, who worked all day long, saving for his future. But this poor soul doesn’t even get to talk with them who are so busy saving for him!

Now as he was telling his story, the only person who was able to console his said these beautiful lines, ‘Every single thing that happens in your life may be due to a reason. You could have missed such good friends if you had happened to be at IIT. Get on with your life from now on and achieve the same what you aimed to do at IIT. After all, what matters is not the place you do it. All that matters is how much passion you have to do it!’

When you fail to achieve your short term goals, don’t get too much disappointed. There may be a thousand un-discovered ways to achieve your long terms goals. Start digging through it, for you will taste success only when you shed some blood.




  1. Destination Infinity · August 8, 2014

    Who knows, maybe he could have got better education and better friends in IIT? But yes, I agree that it’s passion that determines how much satisfaction we get from our careers in the long-term. Not the education or grades.

    Destination Infinity

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