It happened to be a very cozy day. The flavor of cold coffee and ice-cream that we just had , was still lingering around my tongue. It was I, who insisted on a walk, which turned out to be long one.

I always had this craze for long walks. I walk when I am sad, I walk when I am happy, I walk when I am frustrated, I walk anytime and every time. And that day, I was happy.

It grew a bit dark some time later and I insisted upon going back home. But he enjoyed my long walk routines and wanted to go a bit further. That was when I started my taunts to madden him,

‘It’s really growing dark. I am walking back.’, I said in a worried tone.

‘Stay. I am with you. What are you scared at?’

‘Uh? What do you exactly mean, ‘you are with me’?’, I mocked at him.

‘Well, I am a man. I can save you in case of tragedies.’, he teased me back.

 ‘ Ah! You are no superman or spider man to save me. You don’t even go to the gym regularly, lazy bones. How can I feel safe with you?’

‘See I got arms!’ ,he started showing gestures.

‘Grr…I am tired of it! Cut it down baby.’, I winked.

I actually felt the safest when I was with him. But I didn’t want to reveal it that soon. He was protective like my brother, caring like my dad and annoying like a little sibling. But I have never told any of this to him.

I swapped to another topic which I wanted to talk with him for long,

‘You have the habit of reading news papers? Know the Delhi rape case? She was raped even as she had a male company. Are you, going to marry me suppose I am raped? And…’

‘Yes, I will !’


‘I said, I will marry you even if you were raped. That will not happen, but still, I will marry…’

‘Oh shut up! You don’t have to lie.’

‘Do I look like I am joking?’

‘Not exactly, but still..’


‘Come on, you don’t have to marry me then.’

‘Why is that so?’

‘It’s just so.’

Silence was all that flowed between us for a few moments.

‘You know what? I don’t love you for what you have. I love you for what you are!’ ,he said.

‘But what about your parents? Do you think they will allow their son to marry a rape victim? Never!’

‘Excuse me, I am going to marry a girl whom I love, no matter what her past is. Why must they decide upon this?’

‘All this is good for an argument. But only for an argument!’, I said.

‘Well, if that is all you believe me…’

‘I never said so!’

‘Then stop asking me these stupid questions and let’s walk back home. It’s getting late.’, he bit his tongue.

‘Boss?’ , I mimicked him.


‘What did I tell you a minute before? Was that Greek or Latin?’

‘Well…uh…err….please, let’s walk back. I am cold!’

As we started walking back home, I could not help but think only about the very words he said. I don’t know if he really meant it, but his eyes were unmistakably serious.

I whispered a slow love you, under my breath which was barely audible.

‘You are still thinking about it. Aren’t you?’

‘Uh..No, it’s just, I am growing cold too.’, I managed a tiny little smile.

‘Then race me down!’


‘I am serious. I will buy you one of those summer collection dresses if you win!’, he shouted half running.

‘Don’t cheat. Wait for me!’ , I ran behind.

I could never remember a better day in my life, with him. As we ran down the street, putting back all those thoughts behind, our heart pacing like a rocket, grew my never ending love for him.

I often turn back to that day, that moment, when we have hard times. And that is what keeps me going now!


 “Do you remember , we were sitting there by the water?

 You put your arm around me for the first time.

 You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.

You are the best thing that’s ever been MINE!”

                                             -Taylor Swift’s MINE.

PPS: Pure fiction.  Don’t kill me 😛 




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