My old companion

He wiped her lone tear falling off her translucent skin, pushed that single strand of hair away and carried her to their bed. He put her down as gentle, as she was a flower which would wither any second. He crept beside her silently and laid down next to her. His hands were shivering, half due to carrying her and half because he was nervous.

Oh yes! He was nervous, like they just met a moment ago. He gently touched her face and felt her wrinkles, all along the once smooth face. Her skin was gnarled and the veins, sticking out of her hands, described the map of her life.

‘Has she grown too old?’ , he thought.

Her eyes met his. And as if for the first time, he had a rush in his pit. He smiled at her and dabbed her eyes. Her skin was glowing under that single yellow bed side lamp. Her hair was still the same, golden brown, even as it had some streaks of white here and there. Her eyes were glittering with all her tears in it.

He played with her nose, that would twist all the time he pinched it. And finally, there was a glint of smile, which added more lines to her face.

And he thought, ‘Oh! She is so beautiful!’

His hands gently slithered under her blouse. She drew back and said, ‘You don’t have to do that. Please!’

All that he did was to kiss her gently on her forehead, when he said, ‘Oh yes. I’d love to!’

She let his hands reach her bosom and all he felt was half her breast and a lot of scars in it. A sticky fluid was flowing all along the edges and scars of her once firm breast.

She cried, not out of pain in her body, but out of pain in her heart, of not giving him what he had once loved.

He drew out his hands as slow as possible, careful not to hurt her and looked at her eyes.

There was a different kind of emotion flowing around them, that they had never felt for all these years. Tears pooled around her eyes and all she could do, was to cry hugging him tight.

He held her close and let her cry for some time. All her sobs stabbed his heart and he felt so heavy.

He pulled her back and cupped her face in his droopy hands and said,

‘You are still the most beautiful women, I have ever met!’




  1. rahul · September 14, 2014

    amazing. detailing in writin!

  2. issacthomas817 · September 14, 2014

    so chweeeeeeeeetttttt

  3. icecandy16 · September 14, 2014

    Now that’s true love ❤….very beautifully written…just loved it

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