Finding love in a ferry ride

We were like every other couple. But still, I often felt something special between us, which I’d swear, no one else would have felt, at least ,as good as I had. Now if you think I am being too pushy about my relationship, here is why…

We were high school sweet hearts, who could be spotted almost every day, scaling every nook and cranny of our college, together, hand in hand. It was a winter vacation and we were on our tour with all our pals. We were damn tired and the day didn’t turn out to be too good to us, especially the weather. We had planned a boat ride for the evening, but the boat house guy would not let us in because of the terrible weather. We were almost on the verge of heading back to the hotel, when suddenly he came running behind us and said that he would allow us on a condition, that we would turn back soon.

Thanking the stars above for finally a miracle, we headed to the boats. It was a two-seater, paddling boat. We took the first one leaving our friends behind. I was too tired to paddle it even, and poor him, he was doing most of it.

We would have gone a good distance when the thunders began to strike. Cursing the rain gods, we decided to turn back, when suddenly a mild shower took in. We took shelter under his court ,chuckling in there. I didn’t know what happened that very moment, but I felt a heat growing between us, screw the hormones!

We sat there for, I don’t know, may be an eternity, looking into each other’s eyes and silent, totally forgetting the boat guy who would probably be cursing us by now. Everything was quiet around us, except for our heart beats and elongated breaths.

We both knew that this was all that we least expected. I was so happy that I had to keep a check on my heart every now and then, for it was too happy that it would leap out of my chest any time. I didn’t want us to fish for my heart in the wide, deep lake, after all.

As I was sitting there, next to him, with all my wild imagination running in my head, he took my hand and kissed it tenderly and said what all I wanted to hear , ‘No matter how bad a day turns out to be, when you and I are together at the end of it, it always becomes a beautiful memory, which I could cherish in my little heart.’

And the words were stuck in my throat and would never come out. All I said after a lot of chocking was, ‘So do I!’.

And guess what, we kissed. Under that moonlight, between the mild shower, on the little boat, in the lone lake, our lips brushed against each other and there came a drop of tear running by my eye.

In all of these, we forgot to paddle. The shower had stopped and we never noticed that unless our friends came around, teasing us.

That night, we shouted till our vocal chords would tear off, like we were Columbus and we just found a place bigger than America. That day and that moment could never be forgotten, by both of us.

Now, how many are lucky to have experienced this? But, we were. And yes, I would always be that pride peacock whom everyone else would envy at!

P.S: Story of a friend. Can be called a guest story? 😛



  1. payal · October 15, 2014

    Wich frnd Sara???? Skul frnd think so…

  2. khwaishien · October 16, 2014

    Guesses not possible 😛

    • sarakriya · October 17, 2014

      ha ha ha 😛
      none u know 😛 still thank you 🙂

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