We were married for two years then and that was our first Diwali without our parents. I badly wanted to visit mama as I was too lazy to make sweets all by myself and all the more, eat everything by ourselves without the joy of sharing. Of course there were always neighbors and friends, but the ambience of home can never be replaced.

I had to take a day’s off before Diwali to make sweets and do some dusting. I started off with Adhirasam (a typical South Indian sweet) which needed a lot of patience, which I didn’t have even a bit that day. The dish became an utter flop and I was too annoyed to try out something else.

I started cleaning our cupboards, which was literally like Aladdin’s treasure. I swore to throw away a lot, but ended up convincing myself that everything would be of help someday (even as that day would never come). After an hour’s work the cupboard looked the same as it did before.

Cursing myself, I decided to give it a break and get some food for my craving stomach. I maintained a good distance from my Adhirasam and made some instant noodles to gobble quick.

As I sat there worrying about our first alone-Diwali and how worse I had made it for him, there was a sudden click in the door, and there he was, my poor hubby.

‘Hey, you’re early?’, I asked with a puzzled look.
‘Yea! Wanted to help you.’, he said. ‘Are you ok?’
‘Yes. I am fine.’, I said and poured my heart out in less than two minutes.

He laughed and laughed till it tickled his stomach and begged me to stop my tale. I smirked my lips acting less amused.

He suddenly dragged me to the terrace and there we stood, watching all the crackers booming in the dark night sky, every sparkle lighting up our face with a colorful glow. As we stood there with our hands entangled, I saw that intimacy, which I thought was long lost, growing up again pushing every creeper and every weed away. That very moment my ruined day turned into a magical one as he whispered into my ears,

‘No matter how ridicules your tales are, the moment your hair sticks out when you go mad, my head goes crazy in love with you.’

This was the best ever Diwali that I had. There may be different reasons for different people to celebrate Diwali but ultimately it brings out joy and happiness to everyone around. And for people who want Thanks Giving to be brought to India, it has been right here for all these years with a better name- Diwali !


picture courtesy: Somas Kandan


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