The kid next door

My niece has always been a source of happiness in our house. From the day she was born, she has always spread joy around us. Of course, all my popularity was eaten up by her. But, still she is, and will always be my favorite kid.

Every time she visits us, her favorite food will top the menu, everyone would just flock around her just to watch her giggle and all the more her favorite T.V program would blare from the T.V set, be it Chota Bheem or Dora the explorer!

Most interestingly, my dad who could always be spotted with a news channel or a news paper in hand, would be in the middle of all the scattered toys, making a toy castle or arranging cars to go on for a race! I would often wonder if dad was the same when I and my sister were young, but would end up clueless.

I still remember the day when she started blabbering some random thing, which became famous throughout the house-hold. Even before we could not make out what she said, my mom and dad went out boasting to all their friends that their grand-daughter had started speaking. That day ended up with blaring phone calls from relatives from all places, whom, until then I never knew even existed!

So yes, my niece syndrome was all around the house-hold, rather, is all around the house-hold, fresh even now as she is two years old. Looking at all those old pictures that we made her pose, which is the difficult ever task with a kid, kindles all those pleasant memories of her childhood days.

I had already written a lot of poem for my niece, so decided to write something else for some other kid, when this little fellow gave me a signal from my next house. Every morning when I start from home, he would wave me a bu-bye. So, here it goes, a poem for the kid who lives next door and makes up every morning of mine,


That plump little fella,

With a cute smile on his leaking mouth,

And curly hair that’d bounce around,

Would crawl swift and rapid,

And hop like a rabbit!


He may have broken your vintage vase,

Or would have strewn fresh food,

But that display of two front teeth,

Would make your heart melt to the ground!


‘Oh! Is he sick?’, people may ask,

When his cooing cries,

And the gurgle giggles,

Are not heard as they pass!


But the dimple that returns,

After he wakes from a peaceful sleep,

Will make us want to squeeze him tight,

And shower him with kisses!


Take care of your bunch of joy,

For having him is a bliss,

Which makes you float in rapture,

And dance in delight with joy!


This is my entry for A healthy child makes a happy home.


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