My dream kitchen

‘Cooking is love made visible and edible.’

I fell in love with this romeo- cooking during my high school summer vacations. The first time attempts, sneaking into the kitchen and making it dirty, last minute cleaning before mom enters, cursing the ingredients when the food turns out bad and all the more, unsubscribing a cookery web-site if their recipe doesn’t work out, were all part of the ‘learning’ phase of mine.

I’ve always wanted a kitchen of my own to try out new dishes and to make it as dirty as I like. Rather, my mother dreaded the feeling of sharing her kitchen with me.

This dream kitchen of mine must look as posh as possible. Of course it’s my dad’s wallet in which I am going to burn the hole.

I have a craze about the color white, while most of my friends tease me that white is not even a color. Still when I wanted to purchase anything for my mother’s kitchen, my hand would move directly towards a white object by default, which my mom would reject in a second saying that maintaining its color is too difficult.

So, in my kitchen, I would like a majority to be white in color. Not that I would maintain the color, but I still have the option of replacing it, after all it’s my dad’s wallet, not mine!

In porcelanosa, I would go for the cool work-top which is totally in white with two chick chairs in violet which makes a classic combination. The total set looks elegant and perfect to fit into my dream kitchen.

kit top

Now moving on to kitchen taps, I’ve seen the age old evolution of taps all around me. From the automatic taps that would pour out water when you stretch your hand, which would fascinate every kid, to the old metal taps in my college which would give out a gust of air rather than water, every tap is more like a ‘curved metal’.

But when I saw these funky kind of taps which looks like a skeleton of dinosaur’s big rib bent to give you water, I decided that this would exactly fit into my kitchen.


In fact there are two dinosaur’s rib which would be perfect for my sink and wash.


Now it’s not enough if the food is good. You need to have a decent place to serve it. Popcelanosa’s indoor collection comes to my rescue.


The chocolate brown table with the pair of dark black chairs would be just fine. Those chairs attracted me. Stylish shape!

After a good food I may become tired, after all I had been cooking and eating all day. This is when, a bubble bath may rejuvenate my energy. The bathtub collection gives us a lot of options to choose from.


This looks modish.


While this looks graceful and gives a royal touch!

Or when I am short of time but still want to have a quick bath, I would install showers! yeah!


I fell in love with this at the first sight!

Popcelanosa is pretty pleasing if you are looking to make over your place or burn someone else’s pocket, like me 😛

You can check it out here:

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  1. shreya · November 20, 2014

    A wonderful kitchen i have ever seen….Just loved it…I too have a dream to build up a kitchen just similar to this….

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