Clean it out!

Every Monday morning routine of most of the schools would be to take the pledge. All the students from K.G’s to the senior year people would mumble it, swallowing it half the way and most of the kids would not even know what it exactly is. So what exactly is our pledge?

‘India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country and I am proud of its rich culture and varied heritage.’

These are the very first lines of ‘The Pledge’. But are we really proud of its culture and its heritage?

If so, have we ever bothered to look at the temples and towers closer to our houses rather travelling to some far off place just to do window shopping? We often prefer the latter because we pretend it is more fun.

I recently read an article about today’s youth and their services towards temples. The beginning scenario was laudable as a lot of them have considered about it. But the survey suggests that the ratio of the people who continue to do these services tend to reduce on a major scale. Today’s society seeks attention in a large scale and the youth are pressurized to fit into that ring. They start trying out such services for just an inclusion space in their profile. The majority of them quit  as they are not really into it as a form of passion or at least as a hobby.

These kinds of expectation from the society is dirty!

Hunger deaths have become common around us and it still keeps on lingering around without being noticed. Every one of us must have heard all the news channels flashing news about an infant, who was thrown away in the middle of the road in a peak hour traffic by its very own mother. And the reason that the poor mother gave was that they had not had any food for four days and she was upset about the kid crying.

Now if you were a Chennaiite who commute by any kind of public transport you must have had a common view of all kinds of creepy beggars who would not even move out of your site unless you give them money. And all the more, many have started demanding for money these days. The transgender population in railway trains have increased a big deal, that they bring in a chill in your spine every time they get inside your compartment.

If someone has an able body to work and still becomes a beggar, isn’t there something wrong about his society too? How many companies come forward to recruit transgender in their company? How does the society come forward to help these people?

I believe poverty in our country is dirty!

‘Swach Bharat’, the clean India mission must not only be about India looking clean from outside but also becoming clean from inside.

This is my support for #AbMontuBolega campaign which aims at bringing out the social issues which are all dirty in our country. The video is pretty funny with ‘ahem ahem’ everywhere in the kid’s life and its pretty pleasing when he finally speaks up.


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