Half girlfriend – a review

This may be a bit or too late for a review of the most ‘talked about’ book. Still, when I completed this book by midnight yesterday, I had a thought running around : Is it that when people don’t like a book, I like it so much? Or the other way around.


The default Mr.Bhagat’s pun — friends, ban the word I say or letting out something truthful about girls( yea, we seriously don’t know what we think and what we do sometimes), made my teeth visible as always. And his simple English was cool, a typical Mr.Bhagat thing.

The story had a line and a good background, not to mention ‘One night at the call center’, Man! what was that? I still don’t get it! At least, supernatural things were not specified in this book and I felt thankful for that.

The descriptive part was really good enough for you to make a mental map of the places. Detailing of the haveli or Riya’s room were fair enough. Had it gone more deeper we would have ended up cursing it.

The feel of the story was well brought out. You would feel a real pity for the hero, Madhav. But where is the soft corner for the heroine? I would suggest Mr.Bhagat to write his next story from a girl’s point of view. Dude, we have feelings too!


The sequence of the narrative could have been better. But don’t ask me how else to place it. The scenes go by : the hotel room, the narrative, again the hotel room, the journals, New York and the school. Easy to follow but seemed clumsy.

And yes, the story line resembled ‘Revolutionary 2020’, but don’t we have most of the movies copying the same thing with different actors? I felt it was okay.

Was it too filmy?

Every book of him is rightly so, but this one tops the list. The hero finally catching up with the match, the old lady, the posters, the name, the description, too much of coincidence for a single day?

Maybe, this made the last part of the book move a little bit faster. Still, yes, filmy!


It moved fast, at least for me. Or was it for you too? I liked the genuineness in it and there was a clear plot. Liked it on the whole. If it had not been for this ‘R2020’ thing, I’d have given a 4! Cheers!

P.S: I am not one of those ‘die-hard’ Mr.Bhagat fan! I was a bit of his hater before I read this book, don’t ask me why 😛

P.P.S: Had u felt anything better or worse than me? Feel free to comment!


  1. saipc1993 · December 8, 2014

    link to the book?

    • sarakriya · December 8, 2014

      i read a paper-back 🙂
      I prefer them..

      • saipc1993 · September 2, 2015

        You should always leave a link, so that people can read the book 😉

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