Drive safe.

I would not be surprised if the number of two wheelers in our country overtakes our population. There is a craze about bikes all around and I even know people who change their bikes like mobile phones whenever a new model is released.

If you were a resident in Chennai, you would be more familiar with the East Coast Road. This road is so popular for its bike races and bike accidents likewise. Even though racing is banned and illegal, teen boys don’t have a stick in their ears.

Not to blame bikes and boys totally, the busses which ride though this road actually glides through the air. It will make you feel like a roller-coaster ride but without any seat belts. If you loosen your hand from the grip for a moment, you may actually feel the gravity working.

A lot of resorts around this area which are hot-spots for corporate lunches and meetings, clubbing, night parties and discos make it famous along with the accidents.

I don’t think police setting up barricades is a smart choice as many people crash into this barricades unable to control the speed and this in turn increases the accident rate.

Even as a lot of campaigns are organized by schools and colleges to create awareness on road safety, the fatal accidents continue to happen. The heart-rending thing is that most of the college students lose their life in these speeding vehicles.

‘If there is a will, there is a way’

The first step that I would suggest is to train the MTC bus drivers to cut down their speed and to feed the speed limit for every road into their heads.

The police are often spotted in these places. But how much do they contribute to reduce the accidents is of course less than how much we pay to fill their pockets.

I don’t blame every traffic-police. They talk friendly unless you ask them for a bill for the money you just paid.

I would also blame us. We fancy for all those ‘marathon-runs’ and ‘human formations’ to include in our social profile. But do we follow the theme of those events? The more we do, the better it is for us!

This is my post for NSDF.

Nissan Safety Driving Forum promotes safe driving of its customers around many cites in India. They have also recorded a 126% growth in wearing seat belts. They also simulate accidents and make their demo seat gripping. A new initiative in a new style! Kudos!

visit them @ :

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