Crush the fear!

It was like every other day. She stepped out of her hostel room and latched it behind. It was a regular night party that her friends threw every week-end. But this time they were not headed to the club. Minutes before she started from the hostel, she got a call from one of her girlfriends.

‘Hey Sasi, we shifted the venue. It’s Veer’s place. You know the address right?’

‘Yea I do. But why did you change it at the eleventh hour?’

‘I have no idea yaar! The guys do this all the time. You are coming, aren’t you?’

‘Yea. See you at Veer’s place then. Bye.’

She took a cab as usual. Living in a place which was not your home town where you were not familiar with the routes, a cab was the default option.

The cab crawled through the city’s traffic and she finally reached Veer’s house after what seemed like an eternity. She hurried to the main door as she was late, but the place was queerly serene. She double checked the address and punched her mobile keys to make a call.

‘Hi. This is Sasi. Has the party been cancelled or something? I don’t see anyone over here.’

‘Come upstairs Sasi, please!’

The phone went dead after his reply. Sasi was confused. Confused over everything. She wanted to call someone else before she entered, but Veer’s voice was something different that day. She guessed that he might not be at the peak of his health and hurried upstairs.

And that day, had she made another call, she wouldn’t have repented it so much!


Sasi speaks…

Mistakes are part of everyone’s life. A mistake is mostly not made knowing the consequences. The impact of the people around us may sometimes be responsible for us to make that mistake, but still it will be solely a single person who would bear the upshot.

Nobody goes around making mistakes every day. But a single mistake made by us may haunt us forever in our lives.

I did such a mistake, which was terrible, really terrible indeed. And my fear was to let it out to my parents. I often avoided them when they started the topic or would cry a whole lot to shut their mouth. But I knew it was wrong and ultimately there would come a day when I could no more run away. I didn’t have the guts to face that day and dreaded it.

It did come and that day was not as bad as I thought it would turn out. Even if our society is going to hate and push us to the corner, our parents would never do it. After all, they were the only people who brought back trust into my life.

Letting out your bad day to your mother can be a night-mare, but trust me, there are no better councilors in your life other than your mother.

The fear in you keeps on growing and makes you feel puny. But once you let it out, your life will turn better!

This is my post for Rise above fear- mountain dew-


  1. shrutigopinath · December 14, 2014

    You are right there is nothing more important that the support and love we get from our parents. And yes, whatever happens they will never leave our side. 🙂

    • Sara · December 14, 2014

      Thanks for reading Shruti 🙂

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