Teddy Travelogues

I never travelled very often and even if I did, someone had to persuade me. My sister’s family were planning for a short vacation when I happened to be there and was eventually made to join by my niece.

My niece has always been everyone’s center of attraction with her multi-colored clothes and cute smiles. And you could never say no for that kid, be it anything. When she utters the word please, it would really be pleasing that everyone in the house-hold would be on their knees. Now that she asked me and I could not say no, no matter that I hated travelling.

There was one more reason for me to approve of it.

Once we were in a cinema hall and it was her first time in a theatre. Even as she was behaving normal, my sister was so tense that the big screen would scare her. It was a normal kollywood movie and we started watching. My niece was perfectly normal for about 10 minutes. After which she asked a question which made everyone in the theatre roar with laughter,

‘Why don’t they switch channels? How much time will they play this channel? Ask them to switch to pogo!’

Now what kind of explanation are you supposed to give her? It took us almost the entire movie to explain her that they would not switch channels. And from then on, whenever we took her for movies, it would be animated!

So, I was looking forward for any kind of amusement of this sort in this trip too!

Our destination was Pondicherry, which didn’t need a lot of travel from Chennai. We had already booked the resort and it was a cozy one.

That day we took her to the beach for the first time. It was really a special moment to look at her face which was in awe looking at the vast waters. She played in the waters and we were set to build a sand castle.

The tubs and shovels were available in the resort as an added advantage. As we were building the castle she was very amazed and wanted to build it bigger and bigger. Finally we finished it and was ready to head back to the hotel.

She was very reluctant to leave and said that she would not move until the residents of the house occupy it. When we asked her who the residents of this tiny house were, she said it was the sea.

‘The sea is so vast but it does not have a place to stay. I will give it my castle. Now daddy, you ask it to come and occupy this place else I am not coming back to the hotel.’

When we tried to explain her, she started crying feeling pity for the ocean.

Kids can really think far and wide!

This is my post for : Teddy Travelogues by Club Mahindra


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