Elude the dark

Parts of me are shattered,

And pieces that complete me are missing.


I try to run away from this dark dungeon,

But the darkness always follows and haunts me.


Every time I try to get up,

I trip and face the ground again.


I never know day and night,

For everything is lost in this deep hole.


But my memories are still afresh,

 And makes me survive.


I pray for those old days,

Cherished inside, all this while.


And I hope that I’d escape this, someday,

To live a life wholesome with you!







  1. dragonslut · December 24, 2014

    Face the dark! A single candle can light a room. Darkness cannot put it out…

    • Sara · December 24, 2014

      Its not as easy as you say..but still can give it a go!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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