Truth-a powerful language.

As we have a personification for every impact able word , Harichandra is the personified image of truth. We might have heard a number of stories about him and many instances have been quoted where even in his young age he refused to utter a lie. Will someone be able to live in today’s world with only the truth?

Honestly modern day Harichandra’s are rare to find or may not exist at all. Everything starting from our leave letters to our lame excuses to attend parties are a lie, or may be in a decent form, we hide the truth.

Even if we stand strong with a grit that we would only speak the truth, some situation might crop up and break our resolution. From angry mothers to nosy bosses, a small lie makes the task easier than the so much complicated truth.

A lie may make tasks more easy for this roller coaster world, where people forget all good things and hold a grudge for things that do not turn out too well. A small single lie may solve your current problem for the moment but it may lead to an after math which will make you regret things.

My Gran always used to tell us stories about my father and his other siblings. They were just similar to my stories of stealing cashew nuts from the kitchen. But my mom’s task was much easy as the only culprit would be me. But my Gran’s task was more complicated with five of them to interrogate. And finally everyone would end up pointing out the other. Poor Gran!

These kind of incidences would always stay in our memory for its fun. But every lie may not end up the same way.

Especially, if you are a teen-ager and you are planning to lie to your mom about an outing, please be too careful. I have been caught red-handed a lot of times by my mom so stupidly.

I would also blame parents as they sometimes become the reason for the kids to lie. If a parent is very friendly to their child, the kid would have no need to utter that lie.

In the case of teen-agers, no one really wants to hide things from parents unless you restrict your child too much. Especially during outings, your child would have always told the real reason for the first time. But if the parent refuses to allow the kid, they would be pushed to pick up a bunch of lies. And these lies would integrate but never reduce.

Instead of saying a ‘no’ as the first word, try to analyze the situation and think from your kid’s point of view. Still if you think it is not necessary, try to make the kid understand the reason behind your disapproval instead of yelling at them.

A lie would crop out only due to circumstances and nobody likes to tell a lie until needed. A single lie could make a bitter relationship or break a better relationship. It may shatter one’s trust in you within minutes. So, beware and try to be truthful to your loved ones always! cheers!

This is my post for Kinley 2014 TVC



  1. pndrgn99 · December 28, 2014

    It is true what you say. I cannot claim to achieve anything near a perfect record, but I can claim that I have never stop trying for one. Of course, as you may well know, The price of truth is a high one. While everyone else is telling someone at work they can’t accommodate the schedule of her party I admitted that I did not feel close enough to her to be comfortable attending. That was one case in which my honesty was respected. Many times my mother has cried and told me that if I keep telling the truth someone will take my life. I’m closer than you would believe that happening. To be fair telling the truth has also saved my life at least once. I vividly remember on one occasion arriving at the family cottage to see numerous family members mumbling inane comments who young woman who had become my cousin’s wife. Two days after their first child was born the child passed away from SIDS.
    When I walked in I put my arms around her and said “I’m so sorry your baby died”. She burst into tears and said thank God somebody finally said it out loud. It had been almost harder for her to deal with all the denial and avoidance of the truth than she could bear, she just needed someone to shut up and hold her and let her cry who wasn’t more uncomfortable watching emotion than she was feeling it. One should never under estimate the cost of, or virtue of, telling the truth.

    • Sara · December 29, 2014

      I agree your opinion but it is not always pleasant. In some cases truth becomes unavoidable. Sticking with it is far more better always than gaining a name liar at the back!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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