27 coupons- your online shopping partner!

While online shopping makes life easy, 27coupons makes life even more easier. The web site in itself is shipshape and the ‘browse by category‘ footer menu helps us to search to the point. The home page parades us with the featured stores, latest coupons, latest offers and recommended offers.

I will stick with the online store- flipkart today and will elaborate how 27coupons help me save money and shop better using flipkat. Here goes the link: http://www.27coupons.com/stores/flipkart.com/

27coupons gives a brief introduction about the products that flipkart deals with, followed by the active deals bustling in flipkart at that moment. Each offer is given a success rate which helps us choose the best offers. The category of the offer followed by the sub-category helps us to sort out the deals.

We don’t have to panic about the period of the offer as the date on which the offer was added and the expiry date are clearly mentioned. Also the best deals are picked by the editor and are displayed by priority. A ‘yellow tick’ mark at the right end indicates that it is a reliable and a pleasant deal.

The ‘view offer’ button navigates us to the original flipkart page which adds to our comfort of shopping the product. The ‘view details’ button provides us with additional information about the deal. We can also report our views about the deal using the ‘report’ button and the ‘share’ button justifies its purpose.

My favorite feature of 27coupons is the ‘save coupon’ button. When we rummage in for a number of deals we may quite get lost or forget about a good deal. 27coupons helps us save every deal that we think is worthy and lets us redeem it casually after a good and tedious selection.

The footer menu contains various categories such as bikes and car accessories, entertainment and leisure, fashion and apparel, flower and gifts, books, computer, electronics, health and fitness, jewelry, kids, restaurants, travel, home and living, utilities, e-goods, grocery, sports, personal and beauty care, stationery and others.


Such a broad collection of categories helps the customer to search the required product within a short span of time. 27coupons is a valuable time saver indeed!

Also the various banks which provide offers are also displayed under the ‘banks’ menu. What more can you ask for? 27 coupons is so pocket friendly. It is a good aide for today’s teens, where we can reduce the circumference of the whole in our father’s pocket while using his credit card. It’s a great boon for the parent’s too!

The different stores and their various deals are segregated uniformly in alphabetical order which makes the search for the stores a cake walk.

The web site is also compatible for mobile phone and tablet display which reduces the chaos. A lot of Indian e-commerce stores have been featured which helps for a ‘swadesi’ style of shopping which has become a trend of today.

I would recommend 27coupons for everyone who loves to shop and save online. In short,

To shop better, shop with 27coupons!

Kudos for the site and a very happy new year!

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