Things that define me.

I have always been a studious girl. Even as I knew only my marks could take me not far, I didn’t much care about taking any hobby of mine seriously. This was mostly because of the expectations that people pushed me into. But I would not point at them too much as I am the sculptor of my life.

It was at some Environment Science class that I started scribbling a good poem after a long time. I didn’t know that morning that I would start a blog that evening, even as I always wanted to. I started with a small poem and now, here I am with a ‘sort-of’ fully fledged blog.

My blog may not be into the list of top blogs. But it means something to me. It means that I do something I like for at least a few hours a week.

Whenever I write a poem or a story, I reach a train of thoughts disconnecting me totally from the daily stress revolving around me. I never knew or never felt, what a poem would do to my mind, before.

I often blog when I fell depressed. Of course, most of us are more productive only when we are depressed. Once I switch on my laptop, I would almost forget what made me mad. By the end of posting it, a sense of satisfaction would grip me.

I will not even have a clue if people will really read it. But still, I would post. Most of the posts which were close to my heart had been skipped without a single like. But the posts which I would have written in half sleep often gained a lot of attention. May be my mind works better when it is sub-conscious!

My blog is a reflection of my thoughts.

I have loved doing a lot of things. But have given it up for some silly reasons. I wish I never give up writing poems even when my skin wrinkles like the barks of a tree.

I don’t have a lot of and’s, still, I am a blogger and a vocalist and a student!



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