Move smart!

Vacating a house and relocating to a new one has always been a tedious task. Not to mention the ‘after-effects’ of arranging the things in your new house. Rearranging a house is as difficult as building one.

My sister recently vacated her house and shifted to a newly built one. We were very excited about moving in to the brand new house as they had spent a lot of time and money over interior decors. We didn’t know what lay ahead that time.

We reached a packers and movers site and booked them. They seemed to be very nice unless they got the advance. Once their truck landed in front of our house they just gave us the boxes to pack the small things as they took care of the larger ones.

We used almost as many boxes as we could to pack and left a lot of vacant place in many boxes as we didn’t want to dump things together. But only after we reached the new house we came to know that they charged us by box count. We all were shocked on hearing this. Had we known a bit early, we would had reduced a lot of boxes and now it was a waste on money for us.

Not to mention about the delivery of the larger objects like dinning tables and lockers. They had used a cheap quality tape on very thing that the mark and the sticker of the tape was left on every thing even after the tape was removed. Every brand new thing looked hideous.

We had to repaint a few things, scrub a few things and even throw away a few things. When we asked the packers company about this their response was clearly ‘I don’t care’ type. Once they got the total sum, they didn’t even feel responsible to answer to our queries. We had a miserable time replacing the things and in turn lost a lot of money.

This would have not happened if we bought the things once we reached the new house or sold the old goods in a far more better condition then. But neither of this occurred to us because of the advertisement that the packers and movers company held.

I didn’t knew then, if this was only the case of us or the case of everyone else who relocated too. Until recently my friend reported the same thing.

Now, trying to be smart, I would recommend any one moving in for a brand new place to sell the almost old goods prior so that they don’t suffer any damage. And yes, after you move in, you can take your own time to purchase the brand new items and leisurely locate them in your house.


So, be smart and choose less chaos!



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