Litter form the heaven

Holidays were always meant to be lazy, with waking up by noon, having a good brunch, catching even more sleep, roaming around, eating again and finally sleeping somewhere around mid-night. But we, me and my gang of friends, once decided to hit a goal for the vacations.

We always chit-chatted a lot about maintaining our body, eating healthy foods, regular exercises, who is on which diet schedule and so on. We also tried joining a gym but ditched the treadmill every time we had a birthday party or dinner night or girls’ day out or term exam or ‘god-knows-what-reason’. Finally, after a six month time, we even forgot that we once used to go to a gym.

So, this time we decided to be firm on our decision to do some sort of physical work to burn at least a few calories. I loved going for long walks, so, I persuaded them to join me for a walk everyday in the morning. This idea was initially welcomed by all and we were set for our new resolution.

We selected a common place to meet by and start from there. But our lazy bones didn’t budge to inch up from the bed and we all ended up postponing it to the next day. It is so us!

The next day there was a sudden urge within my mind that early morning to get out of the house and get some fresh air partly due to our resolution and mostly because my loving sister parted the window screen so that the total rays fell on my face and I was practically made to jump out of bed.

I decided to walk, no matter what, and no matter who was joining me. I must have just made a few steps when something came flying from the sky and fell right on top of my head. I kneeled down to shield myself from the approaching comet and finally when I opened my eyes there was a plastic cover, upside down, on my head.

I brushed it off and tilted my head up to see a giggling uncle on a 3rd floor flat.

‘Sorry beti! I didn’t notice you.’

I wanted to smash his head and squeeze his eyes out. Normally I was not such a terrible and violent person but today he ruined not only my head, but also my morning walk make up. I had to specially Google for make-up tips to wear for a walk. I would never forgive him!

Even before I finished wiping my dirt filled face, a thin figure riding a bicycle spat his red liquid right at my white nike shoes. I was horrified. He didn’t even stop and take notice of  me yelling at him.

The first day of my walk was thus converted to a last day. And that was when another resolution was taken as a snack by my bin.


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