First click valentine.

He was popular. Popular because of his clicks, people thought. But he alone knew what was deep inside his mind. He puts up a gentle smile when people say that pictures taken by him are fabulous. His mind replies them all the same answer ,’You have never seen what I saw, which was more beautiful, more gorgeous, more mesmerizing than this picture.’

Like everyone, he had an inspiration. But his inspiration was not a popular person whose name was mentioned in history books, but in his class attendance register.

Yes, her face was the first thing that he had captured and since that moment he fell in love with photography. It was an accidental click and the result was a flawless and cute smiling face.

He wanted to delete that picture of her. He felt offensive of having clicked a picture of someone without their knowledge. But his heart never let his finger to do it. ‘It was just accidental.’ ,his heart would always convince him.

He had seen her picture over and over for a number of times and knew exactly where each pixel would be. Every time he focused his lenses, he would picture her face in front of it and click the pictures. But none knew this secret behind his appreciated pictures.

He wanted to talk to her, but shy. Shy rather to talk to her than anyone else. He was afraid, afraid of rejection. He knew that he was not attractive. What he didn’t know was that he had a more attractive heart deep inside.

She was any other normal, college girl, who was a bit studious and a lot naughty. She had never spoke with him until she saw his pictures. Every time she saw a new picture clicked by him, her spirits would rise sky high and refused to come down.

She had seen a lot of photographers posting pictures but nothing ever drew her attention as much as his pictures did. She was thrilled by the clarity and the boldness in his pictures. As a secret crush grew for his pictures, a small one grew for him too!

These two little, shy butterflies would often steal glances of each other when the other doesn’t look. They wanted to let their feelings out, but never knew how to put the words together. This is a universal problem. Even an eloquent writer goes out of words when he has to propose someone. They were no exception.

It was valentine’s day. He carried something in his hand which he constantly tried to hide. They both met, under the shadow of the trees, blowing a cool breeze. The breeze blew her hair mildly and his eyes could not resist but stare. His lips curved a bit and with sweaty hands, he handed her a picture. The most beautiful picture of his click and said ,’ This was the first beautiful picture I took and it will remain the last one too! I wish I can cherish this picture throughout my life.’

She gave a naughty little smile and said, ‘Sure? Only the picture?’

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