That pink blob

I always used to wonder seeing my childhood photographs, if it was really me. The creamy and pink skin with a flawless, smooth face has not left any trace of its earlier existence. Even in my grade eight pictures, my skin would look flawless.

I never knew when the pigmentation for pimples started inside me. All I knew was that, both my mind and face went horrible when I got my first pimple.

This pink blob on the face would make you go mad every time you see it in the mirror. All the more, when people look at you after a long time they ask, ‘when did you start getting pimples?’ ,all you will want to say would be, ‘Oh yes! I am keeping track of it in a pocket-book!’

Facial changes always leads to annoyance, irritation, frustration and all other similar English words would suit. People often give you free advice in the name of tips. This may be from naturopathy or from some T.V show that they probably saw the day before.

I used to try almost everything that comes as a feasible naturopathy. But an added advantage of trying out these would be that you would have to wait for some time for the ingredients to react and god alone knows how much time it would take.

Too tired of all these things, I , at one point ditched everything. Even the face creams and base creams either inside the bin or had to be dusted off.

The bursting of pimples would be another annoying factor. Obviously my bed is not made up of material as soft as clouds. It’s hard enough to break my pimple when I twist and turn. The discharge would spread all along the region making it sticky and plastic.

When this is the first morning scene that you wake up to, the whole day would turn out to be cranky. Technically this is the first time that I am realizing that such a small pimple can cause these many mountainous problems (while writing this article).

There could not be any teenage girl or boy who did not cross this terrorizing phase in life.

There is another great stupid myth regarding this small pimple. If you suddenly develop a symbol from nowhere then it means that, a guy just had a crush on you. I believe this was the only positive thing regarding pimple that I have heard in my entire life.

If my pimple problems are solved by using Garneer pure active neem face wash and if my pimples vanish just like the artist featured in the advertisement, I would be too grateful to the product!


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