Long press, block!

We must have heard about a lot of surveys. Surveying the people having polio, survey for the most popular and influential person, survey for even choosing a hot model. But the hot survey happenings around right now in my college is, the number of wrong call each of us get every day.

Of course, there are apps like True Caller to know the person calling but it is still a dismay as most of the sim cards are not registered in the user’s name. Moreover there is a new requirement of leaving off the mobile phone numbers where ever we go. Be it inter-college cultural program or a local internship program.

Also when you chat with someone in a social networks site, the new trick of asking for your mobile number is , ‘Do you use Whatsap?’. Now, how am I supposed to answer this question? If my reply is going to be, ‘No’ ,just because I don’t want to share my number, then I would be branded a nerd who does not use a leading app.

Many of us would not even understand the language in which the wrong caller speaks. Both of us would start yelling in a known language leading to utter chaos. When these calls make your mobile beep and vibrate at the middle of the night, the day will turn even more horrible with dark under eye circles.

Some calls may turn out to tickle your funny bone the entire day. For instance, I got a call once where the person didn’t even bother to say the mandatory ‘Hello’. He started off just like a freight train saying,

‘Don’t worry if you are fat! We are here to help you. No going under the scissors, no rigorous exercise, only ….’

‘a bag of money.’ ,my mind voice completed. The highlight is that only the day before my mother was scolding me for getting thinner. I didn’t know from which angle I became fat for my new caller who had no idea how I would look like.

My immediate question was this, ‘How (the hell) did you get my number?’

But his answer was, ‘Even if you are not interested, you can recommend us to a friend. You can even gain some money by recommending people to us.’

Now, if I do exactly as he says, I may get money but along with a purple eye. How many of us like called fatty by our friends? None, right?

All I could do was to block all such numbers. And now, my block list has ‘God Alone Knows How Many’ numbers.

When the space for privacy is decreasing at an alarming rate, this initiative by Quikr NXT is applaud able. Of course, we would be pleased if things help us from getting pissed off.



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