A worthy wait.

Seated by the lagoon,

Under the shady, big-bark tree,

I pen this poem,

Just for you and me!


Days, months and years,

Have passed since that glance.

Still, my thumping heart denies,

To mend to its cries!


The blush on my cheeks,

And the gush in your bile,

Were in a unique unison,

As our hearts merged in a fusion.


Now, this star hangs alone,

For the affinity is be gone.

Not needing to stay a solitary reaper,

Along the highway that grows steeper.


I wait for that worthy day,

Counting hours, minutes and seconds.

As our eyes accidentally meet,

Let our hearts join the joyous fleet !







  1. prachichowatia · February 6, 2015

    Nice 🙂

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