Wacky proposals!

Everyone of us wait till the perfect moment to open up our hearts. But we never know if the perfect moment is really perfect even if we plan every nook and cranny. All the tiny flops would remain forever in your mind, afresh for a hundred year.


He was very nervous, waiting at table number 7. The sweat beads did not budge to stop in spite of the cold weather and the chilling air conditioner. He had hid a tiny box under the vase in their table. He made sure it was not visible and checked on everything for the ‘n’ th time.

She glided through the entrance like a fair mermaid and lit up a sparkling smile that could mesmerize anyone around. He could feel butterflies in his stomach by her mere arrival. He had no clue on how to let his feeling out.

He got up and gently hugged her. He politely pulled out the chair for her to sit and made her comfortable. She thanked him and lit the same smile again.

He tried hard not to fall off the ground and managed to drag his body back to his seat.

She looked more beautiful that day, at least for him. He tried to speak out now and then, but never succeeded in it. They were about to finish their dinner when the waiter came over with the bill. She insisted on paying but he refused and fished his pocket for his wallet.

But to his misery, the wallet was missing!

He didn’t have a clue where he left it and started panicking. She figured it out and grabbed the check to pay off the waiter.

Once the waiter left, he said, “Will you pay all my bills henceforth till the end of my life?”

She went wide eyed with his funny but serious proposal and thus started their love story.


Disclaimer: The characters or the blogger is not responsible for the ‘aftermath’ post-proposal. 😛 Cheers!





  1. Renjith Bhaskaran · February 11, 2015

    A beautiful moment described in a most sweet way with even minute details. It gives a clear visualization of the very scene in mind. Keep writing more wonders, buddy 🙂

    • Sara · February 11, 2015

      Glad you liked Renjith..happy blogging 🙂

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