Lovable Valentine..

‘Happy to be single’


‘Hopeful ! ‘

These were among the few status that caught my eyes on the v’day. Valentine’s day- when we hear that word, we picturize red roses afresh with crystal clear and sparkling due drops, bright red hearten shaped pillows adoring every glass wall of the gift shops, numerous valentine cards flocked at every stand and mesmerized lovers picking up a gift with utmost care.

Every online retailer would open up a new deal for the big day to attract customers with loads of offers. And almost every party hub would be packed with couples for the evening.

But what about the others who are yet to find a valentine? Do they ever come into picture? Nope!

Is there no celebration for them on the valentine’s day? Who said so?

Everyone adores a thing in their life that it becomes their valentine. For some it may be their pet dog, for some it may be their television set and for many, it would be their mobile phone.

The five reasons or it would be,

(1) My mobile is so very close to me. When I feel bored, I talk with Tom and Ginger. When I feel bored, I while away my time saying ‘mmmmmm’ with mmm fingers. When I feel adventurous I play Temple Run. When I am in a very girly mood, I dress up Barbie. And when I feel intellectual, I don’t do anything intellectual , but play word search.

(2) It keeps me occupied all time, every time. The front cam is my ultimate touch up mirror and the selfies in my gallery are countless. Every special moment is captured and saved with at most care.

(3) My panel is my style statement. Cool and filmy-glitzy panels are the trend of the day. Apart from protecting your mobile it gives a very chick look. As your accessories reflect you, panel is for your mobile.

(4) The big bold letters inscribed ‘ASUS’ is a sensation. Asus marks a class among all the smart mobiles. You got to be a proud owner of the mobile to carry it.

(5) And finally the sleek appearance gives an elegant look to the mobile. A mobile which is more bulgy and which refuses to get into the pocket often annoys us, but Zen phone lies in the contrary of it. Graceful to carry, you will love your new pal.

My new Valentine, ASUS Zen phone is a lot more cool than any other valentine you would have ever had. And yea, it plays a dual role, smart for girls and cute for guys! Check out the new age cool valentine and bash your valentine’s day! Cheers!

This is my post for : http://www.flipkart.com/asus

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