Ageless life

At every stage of our life, we have a bagful of decisions to make and choices to pick. When we enter our teenage, the stream of education with which we could pursue our career has to be chosen. When we enter the college, a particular course of our interest has to be chosen. When we graduate, a suitable job has to be picked up and so on.

Our life is always about making choices and planning the next move. Even if you tag yourself as a modern age hippy, at some point of your life you would have made a decision to become one. Decisions are made everywhere and anywhere.

My Granny was a very calculative person. I believe most of our Grandparents would have been the same. She used to maintain a diary of accounts which would have an entry of every expenditure, every single penny spent or saved.

Her routine every night was to fill it and tally with the rest of the money. If it didn’t tally a single day, she would break her head to remember every move she made that day. Only when the book was filled perfectly, she would get a good night’s sleep.

She would advice us to do the same as it would help us to cut down the costs to a good extent and invest more on savings. She often complained that we spent too much on shopping clothes, which was to an extent true, but we always had some counter attack to cover up our mistakes.

Our decision and determination matters for any job that we take up.

What would a life be, without any need for making these choosy decisions?

What if we could start our life afresh at any point of time?

There are a lot of pros and equally weighing cons.

If I had no such things to hold me back, then I would be the princess of my world. Here goes my bucket list,

(1) I would travel around the world like a bird spreading its wings for the first time. I have always had a dream of getting off at an unknown destination and travelling around all alone. I wish for it someday.

(2) I would stock my closet with hundreds of books and would pray god every day that he grants me a good time till I complete every single one. May be an extra perk for re-reading a book.

(3) I would learn to cook exotic dishes and serve every friend with it. Pity them!

(4) I would play with all the kids in my colony every day and would feel like a five year old all the while. I would fight with them, chat with them, jump with them and fall with them.

(5) I would do every crazy thing in the world at least once in my whole life so as to ensure that my soul rests in peace rather than loitering around, scarring people because of unfinished jobs.

My bucket list may seem childish, but I believe a little fun is always needed when you imagine hypothetical things. Befikar Umar Bhar! Cheers!


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